Top Crypto Apps for Beginners

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Cryptocurrencies have been gaining patronage by both retail and institutional investors in recent times. Bitcoin especially has been declared an investable asset by Goldman Sachs. Although highly volatile, Cryptocurrencies are also effective ways of hedging your money against inflation like many are doing in countries like Venezuela and Nigeria.

Despite these achievements however, not many people know how to navigate the Cryptocurrency space. I have curated a list of Crypto apps that will help you navigate the world of digital money without much stress. I must mention that this article is not financial advice and you should conduct your research also.


Bitnob is my favourite crypto app because of one major reason; the app makes buying and saving Bitcoin easy. I am from a country where you can’t buy cryptocurrencies with FIAT directly and Bitnob is solving that.

Through the use of Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), the app allows you to buy BTC periodically so you don’t have to worry about the market price or try to “time” the market. I wrote an article about it earlier.

The app also has a UI/UX experience that is so far, the best I have seen in the crypto space. The UI is very familiar and intuitive even for people who have no knowledge of buying and selling Crypto before. Customer service is also excellent as they respond to complaints within minutes. The community is also strong and growing so you may not even have to disturb customer service.

The only downside is that you can only buy Bitcoin on the app. I personally would love if Etherum is listed on the app also.


Coin Market Cap allows you to get real-time data of coins and tokens, their historical data, and where you can trade them. You can also create a watchlist and a crypto portfolio like I did on the app.

If you don’t mind being disturbed with push notifications about cryptocurrencies, you will find the real-time updates about your watchlist useful.


Besides providing you with news on cryptocurrencies, the app also allows you to monitor the performance of coins and tokens you have an interest in.


Buycoins is another game-changer in the crypto trading/investment world. I love their onboarding process and the fact that they have a localised stable coin, NGT. According to the website, NGT is tied to the Nigerian Naira. In other words, you really don’t need to buy USDT if you are trading on Buycoins.

Using Peer to Peer, the app enables Nigerians to avoid the ban on Crypto buying and selling in the country and the process is quite fast.

I don’t enjoy the fact that the minimum amount of coin you can buy on the app is N7,000. I assume the app is designed primarily for Nigerians and understanding the state of the country’s economy at the moment, people should be able to buy coins for as low as 2k. The listed coins and tokens are also limited.


OKEx is a Crypto trading app that allows you to buy and sell crypto. With a quite simple onboarding process, OKEx is for anyone who isn’t interested in the complex UX of many crypto apps.

Trading is quite easy too and for people who can’t buy coins and tokens directly with their debit cards, the app has a P2P feature.

The app’s UX needs a lot of improvement however. Error messages don’t last up to a second and you will have to repeat an action multiple times for you to know what the error message says. If you are new to trading, you can use the demo trading feature to test the waters.

It looks like you can’t transfer coins and tokens to external wallets also. I am still trying to check this out.

Honourable Mentions;

Binance. I can’t write so much about the app because my identity is yet to be verified.


Trust Wallet

I personally prefer reading to watching videos or listening to audio resources so I didn’t include any crypto from the audio-visual category in this listicle. I am also open to learning so feel free to send in your experiences in the comment section.



I create Brand Identities and Images that connect with and sell to the right audience through Graphics Design and Content Writing.

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I create Brand Identities and Images that connect with and sell to the right audience through Graphics Design and Content Writing.